We wanted to let all our patrons know that we will continue keep our Food Bank open for as long as we can. We no longer order and pick-up from the Food Bank of the Rockies as they have scaled back their operation. We are solely dependent on donations received through our Food Bank of the Rockies Grocery Rescue program. 

We have also instituted the new Food Bank of The Rockies Best Practices procedures which incorporate proper social distancing guidelines:

  1. We will now sign you in, so we ask that you remain in your vehicles when you arrive. 
  2. We will assign you a number. When it is your turn you may go through the free area, one person at a time.
  3. We will ask you to sanitize your hands before you go through the free area
  4. We will place your box(es) on the table outside where you can pick them up after they are reedy
  5. Patrons cannot congregate and we must practice the 6 foot rule!